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Sustainability & the Environment

Sustainability doesn’t have to be expensive. More and more products and technology are available everyday that allow you to make better choices for your business, your employees and the environment.

The Canadian Green Building Council says that “as the green building sector grows exponentially, more and more building professionals, owners, and operators are seeing the benefits of green building and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. Green design not only makes a positive impact on public health and the environment, it also reduces operating costs, enhances building and organizational marketability, potentially increases occupant productivity, and helps create a sustainable community.” (

Even if your goal is not to obtain LEED certification, whenever possible, our LEED accredited design professionals can follow the philosophies and standards set out by LEED, the leading industry guide for green building. We have the knowledge to help your office put its best — and smallest — footprint forward.

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